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Shylock’s Daughter And Other Small Chips From Great Gems Of Shakespeare

3 Male, 3 Female

Jules Tasca Price: $9.99

Four short plays presenting a fresh twist on characters from Shakespeare’s classics ...

Shylock’s Daughter - M2,F1

A new take on characters from Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice. Shylock’s 16 year old daughter has fallen in love with a Catholic boy. She’s even willing to convert. The two find a priest who, while at first unwilling to marry them, is swayed by the offer of gold that the girl can steal from her father

Prince Lear - F3

A melodramatic take on characters from Shakespeare’s King Lear. The King’s three daughters await the birth of another child. The king is hoping for a son, an heir. The girls hope otherwise. Their mother dies in childbirth, and by the time the King returns home, the baby is dead as well

The MacDuff Tragedy - M3,F2

A new take on characters from Shakespeare’s Macbeth. As Macduff surveys the carnage and the corpses of his dead family, they come to life and vent their recriminations against him for his actions. Is it better to be alive and in sorrow than to be dead?

Friar Falstaff - M3

A comic take on one of Shakespeare’s most beloved characters. Recently dismissed by the king for his dissolute ways, Falstaff arrives at the monastery where his only brother is a novice. Falstaff has been evicted by his landlady, and can’t stand living with his mother. He tells his brother that their mother desperately want him to leave the monastery and father children because she’s afraid that their line will die out. The brother believes Falstaff’s story and escapes from the monastery

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