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Shout! - An A CappellA Musical for High Schools - FULL-LENGTH Version

7 Male, 1 Female

Lindsay Price & Kristin Gauthier Price: $14.99

Shout! is a musical that follows four teens who can't seem to express themselves ...

Ariane is a brooding, silent girl, nicknamed "Gloom and Doom" - ever since her sister left last year she hardly talks to anyone

Jack and Tassi are first-time daters, completely out of their comfort zone

And Dana struggles with an overprotective mother - she wants to break free and tell her mother what she's thinking but ... just ... can't

So what happens when you donít shout?

What happens when you don't let it out?

NB - every song is performed a cappella - ie - no bands or music tracks are needed since the background music is supplied by an onstage "orchestra of human voices"

Included is the entire Script (Libretto), Vocal Ranges, and Excerpts from the Score

This is the Full-length version which runs about 2 hours

A 35 minute One-Act version is available by clicking here

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