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Linda McLean Price: $12.99

No-one's day is going to plan. Petal, Missy and Hen are on their way to the island of Iona, looking for a miracle

When their train is halted by floods, they are forced to stay at a B & B by Loch Lomond and contemplate different endings to their adventure.

Jim, Guy and Sonny are also at the B & B. Guy is determined to make his own adventure, but Jim and Sonny's experiences make them equally determined to shelter him and stop history repeating

Surrounded by rain, rivers, lochs and floods, three generations of memory and experience ebb and flow through Linda McLean's lyrical new play

Shimmer shows how strange weather and circumstances allow glimpses of others they have loved and lost, and offers them all the tantalising opportunity to dream it better

'Beautiful and compelling ... McLean's writing has a shimmer all its own and the play's fascinating construction has the lyricism of Lorca crossed with the ingenuity of a Priestley play' ~ Guardian

'To bring clarity to the dramatic counterparts of dot-puzzles and shimmering lakes is some achievement. She brings it off' ~ Times

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