Sherlock Holmes - The Baker Street Irregulars

Sherlock Holmes - The Baker Street Irregulars $10.99

Eric Coble from Arthur Conan Doyle

Published by Dramatic Publishing

Large Mixed Cast
Inspired by the graphic novels of Tony Lee and Dan Boultwood, this presents a classic detective story with villains, cops, mistaken identities, subterfuge, heroic acts, dangerous situations, budding love stories and twists and turns galore

Sherlock Holmes is missing

The streets of London are awash with crime

So who will save the day?

The Baker Street Irregulars, that's who

This gang of street kids hired by Sherlock to help solve his cases must now band together to prove not only that Sherlock is alive but also to find the mayor's missing daughter

And untangle a murder mystery from their own past

And face the masked criminal mastermind behind it all

Who just may be the brilliant evil Moriarty

Can this group of orphans, pickpockets, inventors and artists rescue the people of London?

The game is afoot!

Flexible large mixed cast - 10M or F

Runs about 80 minutes


"The motley five courageously demonstrate their bravado when they assume Sherlock's incomparable sleuthing skills and steal the audience's hearts when solving their own crimes ... A reminder anyone can rise above their backgrounds and past, especially when someone else respectable also respects and trusts them" ~

"[The] story involves what the young see and the rest of us miss; how readily we underestimate and marginalize the poor; and how the friends we choose allow us to create new and often better families alongside those we inherit - building our own plot rather than following the twists and turns of the one in which we first find ourselves" ~ Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"There are secrets to be learned in Sherlock and there are enough surprises to fill a Halloween trick or treat bag" ~

"Will make you laugh out loud along the way!" ~ Ozaukee Magazine

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