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She Wrote, Died, Then Wrote Some More

Large Mixed Cast

Steven Stack Price: $14.99

A mostly female comedic, melodramatic mystery in one-act ..

Tonight was going to be writer Alina Deveraux’s most important night

The unveiling of her Memoirs

A non-fiction fictional retelling of Alina’s life moment by moment

Up until three hours ago when she finished it

Until she ended up dead

Or maybe not dead

The play features a cast of eccentric and unique characters, who may or may not at some point end up dying themselves

Or else appearing murdered because of a rare fainting when frightened disorder

This hilarious romp features betrayals, broken hearts, and a rather odd but beautiful love story

And many twists

CAST: M1,F7 + 2 Either

Runs about 40 minutes - Simple sets

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