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Sex Plays

3 Male, 3 Female

Eric Bogosian Price: $15.95

One of America's premier performers and most innovative and provocative artists offers his two newest plays ...

Skunkweed - M3,F3

Set in a hotel room, this details the culture clash between a Los Angeles screenwriter and a working-class girl and her rural Florida clan

1+1 - M2,F1

1+1 explores desire, greed, and responsibility to others through the lives of an aspiring actress, assistant restaurant manager, and a photographer

"Bri, Phil, and Carl are based on people I've found intensely interesting my whole life - a good-looking hustler, an ambitious pretty girl, and a 'good guy' who always seems to finish last ... The story is a parable. All my plays are ... I don't have answers. I have questions" ~ Eric Bogosian

"A born storyteller with perfect pitch" ~ The New York Times

"Greatly and bilaterally talented ... spiky, stinging, caustic without cauterizing. And funny" ~ New York

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