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Sex Cells

1 Male, 4 Female

Anna Longaretti Price: $12.99

A very funny, poignant play about motherhood, friendship, love and loss ...

In a busy call centre, the four female employees of Aphrodite - a sex toy manufacturer - take telephone orders for Teasey Maids, Titivators and rotating pearl g-strings

But beneath the cheerful customer service and easy banter, these very different women nurse their own desires and disappointments

Sylvie is desperate to have a baby, but her single-minded approach is taking its toll on her marriage and causing friction with her co-workers

With five children, Janice rarely finds time for herself or her husband

Tiffany is young and single, looking for ‘the one’, but wary of sacrificing her independence

Star employee Lily, meanwhile, is stuck in a loveless marriage and estranged from her son, but buries her pain in wisecracks and work

Their gentle and innocent manager Mr Causeway attempts to diffuse the tension between his staff while suppressing a longstanding crush on the oblivious Lily


LILY, 65 - Her dress is shapeless and nondescript and her hair is pinned to keep the curl in. She wears pop socks and changes into slippers when she gets to work

SYLVIE, 39 - French (with an accent), slim build, smartly dressed and immaculately groomed

JANICE, 38 - She has a Northern accent, is unintentionally dishevelled (as the main objective was to look glamorous) and looks like she is wearing clothes that she bought when she was younger and slimmer. Her massive handbag is always overflowing

TIFFANY, 29 - Slim, Essex girl fashion and accent

MR CAUSEWAY, 55 - A beanpole of a man. He is old-fashioned in his dress and manner. He wears a thick ribbed cardigan with pockets. He is hardly ever without a cup of tea on the go

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