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Seven Short and Very Short Plays - Eat Cake & Harold & Take a Deep Breath & Photographs: Mary and Howard & Thoughts on the Instant of Greeting a Friend on the Street & The Girl and the Soldier & Rosary

Large Cast Male, 1 Female

Jean-Claude van Itallie Price: $8.99

Eat Cake ~ A biting satire in which a frowzy housewife, absorbed in her TV is visited by an eccentric rapist whose demands are somewhat different from what might be anticipated

Harold ~ Two doctors examine a patient (played dually by an actor and a dummy) methodically dismembering the dummy to prove that it is in the best of health

Take a Deep Breath ~ In this brief, disturbing playlet the victims of air pollution assemble their own mausoleum, while recounting the helpless horror of their demise

Photographs: Mary and Howard ~ While their taped voices carry on a random, but revealing, conversation, two people regard each other silently as still as two photographs

Thoughts on the Instant of Greeting a Friend on the Street ~ Two people meet by chance, their conversation moving on two levels: one of the idle, surface comments; the other of deeper thoughts unspoken

The Girl and the Soldier ~ A girl sings; a soldier speaks of love and war; and a sense of the very nature of our tortured universe is poignantly evoked

Rosary ~ A nun, riding home on the subway, says her Rosary and the depth of her personal anguish is poignantly revealed

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