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+ Seven Keys to Baldpate Inn - A Serious Comedy Thriller

Large Mixed Cast

Paul Thain from George M Cohan Price: $5.99

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Seven Keys to Baldpate is a creaky old comedy thriller

But back in the day - 1913 to be precise - it was a sensation, hailed by one New York critic as "The cleverest play I have ever seen"

Adapted from Earl Derr Biggers's hit novel of the same name it crowned George M Cohan as "The King of Broadway"

The intriguing premise of popular novelist Billy Magee accepting a bet to write a 10,000 word thriller in 24 hours went on to spawn five movies and several radio productions, one famously starring Jack Benny

Its setting of spooky Baldpate Inn, half-way up a mountain and closed for the Winter, and its large mixed cast of crooks, femmes fatale, ghosts and spooks, peppered with shots in the dark and love at first sight has ensured its continuing popularity with Community and AmDram groups

But boy, does it creak - turgid exposition, clunky, chunky dialogue and paper-thin characterisation

Nevertheless, its seductive plot and its final twist-in-the-tale remains compelling

And it's these elements that Paul Thain has built upon to create a fast moving narrative full of danger and rich in humour that gives the old classic fresh life

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