Seven Interviews

Seven Interviews $10.99

Mark Dunn

Published by Samuel French Inc

1 Male 2 Female

Three actors

One desk

Three chairs

Theatre at its most elemental

Seven Interviews offers seven very different short plays, each with an interview format, and each illuminating an aspect of the human condition

The pieces range from the broadly comic to the achingly tragic and explore the following situations ...

... a job interview to replace a secretary who is giving her employer nightmares

... a biographer's horrible realization that she doesn't know her subject at all

... a baseball team mascot who is frightening children at the ballpark

... a dialogue between psychiatrist and patient with an unexpected outcome

... a conference between parent and school principal over the expulsion of the woman's son

... an unlikely customer for a professional hit-man

... and an office cleaning lady caught stealing on Christmas Eve

NOTE: Each of the three actors portrays six characters

This opportunity for virtuoso performance on a theatrical shoestring should be of particular interest to high schools and colleges looking for showcase vehicles for its directing and acting students


Played by the MALE ACTOR

ROGER TODDLE - his business-like professionalism overlays terror and hysteria

GORDON GREEN - affable, good-natured, enjoying the new-found freedom of early retirement

FRANK HALLOWELL - begrudging but not belligerent, still learning the new language of his predicament

HUCK GLEASON - good-hearted, spiritually grounded farmer, who loves his daughter and grandson intensely

VINCENT GAMPION - slick, no-nonsense professional criminal

ABEL MARCH - unlikeable at first, but belatedly reveals his humanity


GINA GALLAGHER - politeness and propriety disintegrates into a major flight reflex

DELORES CARR - self-important, takes herself and her task far too seriously

YVONNE SIMS - head-on-straight, comfortable in her skin

DEANNE SPRAWLEY - a woman wrestling with her faith, angry and mournful

JULIANNA BUCHNER - a mother in deep torment and intent on revenge

BRITTNEY FLETCHER - beautiful, sexy, selfish - and very hungry


BEATRICE CARPENTER - happy, adaptive, good-natured and clueless

TIMOTHINA RUSSELL - eccentric, perhaps insane

FELICIA PENETTI - proper and by-the-book, a self-starter

DR. JUDY GABLE - a straight-laced psychologist, sure-footed and egotistical - before she becomes a bowl of emotional jelly

MYRA HENDERSON - more than just a religious prig, strongly principled but struggles with confrontations

MS. DOMANIAN - a thief with a grandmotherly heart of gold

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