Seven Golden Dragons


Randall Lewton

Published by Samuel French Ltd

Large Mixed Cast
Only men were allowed to compete in the Ancient Olympics in Greece - girls and unmarried women could attend, but not married women

However one married woman - Callipateira - wanted to go to the Olympic Games so she could help her son to become an Olympic champion, and so she put on a false beard!

This is the story of her adventures at the Ancient Olympics. On the way we discover the traditions of the games, such as the Olympic Torch and the Olympic Truce

These traditions continue to this day and are the embodiment of the spirit of the modern Olympic movement

The Ancient Olympics is a fictional story based around Pausanias' original story of Callipateira, in his book "Pausanias - Description of Greece" written around 150 AD

Characters - 7 main parts, 2 other parts, 2 judges, 2 Olympic guards, 2 Greek men, the torch bearer, 7 villagers, 5 soldiers, assorted Greek gods, heroes, 10 Olympic crowd. (Numbers are flexible)

This Performance Pack includes ...

The Script

An Art Pack - containing instructions as to how to design and construct the scenery, make the costumes and recreate the props

Music Score - score for piano which usually includes guitar chords

Music CD - fully orchestrated Backing Tracks which can be used for performance & rehearsal

Click and listen to a Sample of two of the Songs ...

Olympic Torch
Heinous Crime

The other Songs are ...

Ancient Greece - The villagers, Alexandria, Callipateira, Peisirodus & Pausanius
The Olympic Truce - Alexandria, Callipateira, messengar & soldiers
It's Not Fair -Pesirodus & Aurora
I Can be a Man -Callipateira, Pesirodus, Alexandria & Aurora
We're Going to Kill You! - Costa & Miletos
He's a She (but I won!) - The judges, Costa, Miletos, Pesirodus, Aurora Callipateira and the crowd
What Is To Happen To Me? - Callipateira, Aurora, Pesirodus & Olympic guards
The Final - The crowd, judges, Aurora & Miletos
A New Law - Olympic steward & judges
You're a Superstar - All

A Pack of 10 REHEARSAL SCRIPTS & SONG LYRICS is available separately by clicking here

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