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Searching for David’s Heart

6 Male, 4 Female

Cherie Bennett Price: $9.99

Middle-schooler Darcy has a tough home life. Money is tight and her parents argue constantly

Her sole salvation is her older brother, David, who adores her, too

But when David gets his first girlfriend, he is blinded by love and stops paying attention to Darcy

They have a huge fight and Darcy flees. When David follows her to apologize, he is killed in a terrible accident

Following his wishes, Davidís heart is transplanted

Guilt-ridden Darcy comes to believe that if she can find her brotherís heart, she can in some way find her brother

And so the search for Davidís heart begins

On an epic quest with her best friend Sam (a junior magician and would-be Harry Houdini), not only does Darcy find Davidís heart, she finds her own

Adapted by Ms Bennett from her best-selling novel, this multiple award winner evokes laughter and tears

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