Screenplay - The Foundations of Screenwriting

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Syd Field

Published by Walker & Co

A generation of screenwriters has used Syd Field's bestselling books to ignite successful careers in film

Now the celebrated producer, lecturer, teacher, and bestselling author has updated his classic guide for a new generation of filmmakers, offering a fresh insider's perspective on the film industry today

From concept to character, from opening scene to finished script, here are easily understood guidelines to help aspiring screenwriters - from novices to practiced writers - hone their craft

Filled with updated material - including all-new personal anecdotes and insights, guidelines on marketing and collaboration, plus analyses of recent films, from" American Beauty" to" Lord of the Rings"

Discover ...

Why the first ten pages of your script are crucially important
How to visually "grab" the reader from page one, word one
Why structure and character are the essential foundation of your screenplay
How to adapt a novel, a play, or an article into a screenplay
Tips on protecting your work--three legal ways to claim ownership of your screenplay
The essentials of writing great dialogue, creating character, building a story line, overcoming writer's block, getting an agent, and much more

With this newly updated edition of his bestselling classic, Syd Field proves yet again why he is revered as the master of the screenplay - and why his celebrated guide has become the industry's gold standard for successful screenwriting

"Screenplay is one of the bibles of the film trade and has launched many a would-be screenwriter on the road to Hollywood" " ~ Library Journal

"Syd Field is the pre-eminent analyzer in the study of American screenplays" ~ James L. Brooks, AcademyAward-winning writer, director, producer

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