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+ Sci-Fi Scenes and Monster Dreams - 16 ROYALTY-FREE Comedy Scenes for Student Actors

Large Mixed Cast

Jan Peterson Ewen Price: $17.95

These highly creative and imaginative scenes will produce out-of-this-world laughs for both actors and audience

The 16-scene collection includes original stories as well as spoofs of popular movies, books, and television shows

Perfect for classroom use or performance, these sketches include 2 to 6 (or even more!) actors and run 5 to 10 minutes

Actors of all ages and experience levels will appreciate the many roles that can be played by either gender

In addition to containing laugh-out-loud scenes, this valuable resource also focuses on important acting skills such as comedic timing, pantomime, using accents, and physical characterization

Student actors will love playing a wide variety of characters, such as:

Comical monsters
Socially awkward robots
Powerful wizards
Courageous superheroes
Mad scientists
Charismatic talking dogs
Adventurous space explorers
And many more!

Complete production notes make it easy to bring these skits to life onstage

And they can all be performed Royalty-free!

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