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+ Scared to Death

4 Male, 1 Female

Ron Aldridge from Sally Hughes Price: $11.25

** 25% DISCOUNT **

The year is 1857 ...

Young mill owner Will Nichols woos and weds lovely local girl Mary to the fury of his best friend Jacob Ford whose earlier love for her went unrequited

Taking advantage of Will’s weakness for gambling, the now bitterly jealous Ford embarks on a plan to try and win from him both the Mill and Mary

Desperately in debt, Will raises the stakes at the weekly poker game - the fate of his livelihood, his Mill, and his marriage, now rests on the turn of a card

And the result of the turn of this card leads to betrayal, murder and revenge

Doors and windows open unaided

Books and ornaments fly from shelves

And terrifying knockings emerge from behind the locked doors of a cellar

With ‘tricks and illusions’ created by internationally renowned magician Paul Daniels, prepare to be taken on a ghostly journey

And prepare to be ... ’scared to death’!


" ... a gripping, well handled ghost story ... the power of story fully equals that of Susan Hill’s The Woman in Black" ~ Christopher Gray, The Stage

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