Saving America and Other Plays - Flickering Fireflies & Shelter Skelter & The Beach Club

Saving America and Other Plays - Flickering Fireflies & Shelter Skelter & The Beach Club $10.99

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Ludmilla Bollow

Published by Samuel French Inc

2 Male 5 Female

Four short plays depicting various aspects of the American scene

These award winning productions will take you cross country - to a group on the beach, to a selective animal shelter, a firefly get-together in the woods, and a secret government gathering

All can be presented in one evening, or each performed separately

The four plays are ...

Saving America - M2,F2 + Voice - bare stage with chairs

Strangers are brought together in mysterious gathering to "Save America", with savage finale

Winner Eileen Heckart Short Drama for Seniors

"Ludmilla Bollow's Saving America succeeds as ironic satire, pushing the general discomfort with the aged and aging process to the point of savage extreme ... Bollow does so with passion, economy, and rich inventiveness" ~ Alan Woods, Professor, Ohio State University, and coordinator of the Heckart Drama Contest

Flickering Fireflies - M2,F2 - bare stage

Meet the Firefly Family and the night of the teens first mating party. Magical and whimsical for all ages

Winner Wisconsin Council for Writers Drama Award

"Playwright Ludmilla Bollow has found a speedy way of condensing the evolutionary social process of a culture passing on its traditions and beliefs to the coming generations. She uses fireflies. In Flickering Fireflies, Bollow presents a simple, funny, and poignant metaphor for the moment when children break with their parents and the parents are left with the "what next" moment" ~ Prof Woodrow Hood, Drama Judge for Wisconsin Council for Writers

Shelter Skelter - M2 + M1 or F1 - desk and chairs

Homeless person seeks residence at the Sidney Shelton Animal Shelter. A wealthy patron, seeking a new dog, decides to adopt Annie as her pet

"The crisis of the homeless is given a touching treatment in Ludmilla Bollow's Shelter Skelter in which a street person successfully finds succor at an animal shelter" ~ Jay Joslyn, Milwaukee Sentinel "Shelter Skelter had a wicked premise and biting performance by the cast of three talented women" ~ David M. Doll, Marquette Theatre Festival

The Beach Club - M2,F3 - bare stage

Humor and pathos meet on the beach where an eclectic assemblage encounters the first snow of the season

The Beach Club was named Best Play by National Chengchi University (Taipei, Taiwan) and it also won the Wauwatosa Playhouse One Act Play Contest and the Village Church Play Competition The Beach Club "An engaging play ... a fascinating look at peculiarities of diverse characters and their interaction with each other" ~ The Shoestring Theatre, Victoria, Australia

"Based on a true story, Jake finds meaning in life through his determination to sit on the beach from the first day of Spring till the first snow of Winter no matter who or what must be sacrificed" ~ TSI Playtime Series, NY

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