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Same Time Another Year

1 Male, 1 Female

Bernard Slade Price: $9.99

A memorable evening with two of the world's favorite characters, this sequel to Same Time, Next Year see below continues the yarn of an extramarital affair conducted one weekend a year into the last quarter of the twentieth century

Maturing into their late sixties, Doris and George share the inevitabilities of aging and the convolutions of parenting and grandparenting as they redefine love outside of their annual tryst and romance within it

Hilarity and tenderness are perfectly balanced against the changing backdrop of life in the United States

"Very funny" ~ Pasadena Star News

"Features the same kind of comic dialogue, moments of tenderness, and romantic notions that made the first chronicle such a hit" ~ Back Stage West

"Clever, insightful, touching ... and always entertaining and charming" ~ Hollywood Reporter

"This is one delicious evening" ~ Rose Report

"Has wonderful comic moments" ~ Daily Variety

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