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Salad Days

Large Mixed Cast

Dorothy Reynolds & Julian Slade Price: $12.99

Newly acquired BA gowns hang heavy on the shoulders of Jane and Timothy

Having got this far, what on earth do they do next?

They could get married, of course (so they do)

But how can they make a living?

In a London park one breathlessly warm summer day they encounter a tramp who trundles round a mobile mini-piano

Even tramps need a holiday now and then, and so he invites the young graduates to look after his business interests for a month

But the piano is not just any old piano - those who hear it find themselves dancing, even against their better judgment!

On this gentle thread of story is strung a series of revue-type scenes providing rich opportunities for versatile comedy players who can also sing and dance

The original production which ran for 2,283 record-breaking performances at the Vaudeville had a cast of twelve, plus a pianist, who between them played fifty-five roles of assorted lengths

M7, F5 + Chorus + Extras + Pianist

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