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Saint Nicholas - The Real Santa Claus - PERFORMANCE PACK

Large Mixed Cast

Anthony James & Dan Hewitt Price: $99.95

This is a re-telling of the legend that gave us Santa Claus ...

Two schoolgirls are transported to a snowy Christmas Eve 1,700 years ago. There they meet a young priest who tries to stop three young girls being sold into a life of slavery

To this end, he throws three bags of gold into their father's house. The gold will mean that the girls can marry the boys they love and avoid the evil slaver Demus

But will the money save the girls? And will their experience help them and their sceptical brother believe in all the Santa Clauses?

Saint Nicholas is a musical based accurately on the historical facts known about St Nicholas of Myra and is created specifically for children with a musical accompaniment that encompasses the joy and magic of Christmas

Characters - 10 Main parts, 2 Slavers, 3 Suitors. 4 Christmas characters, 4 Street Traders, 4 Slaves


The Script

An Art Pack - containing instructions as to how to design and construct the scenery, make the costumes and recreate the props

Music Score - score for piano which usually includes guitar chords

Music CD - fully orchestrated Backing Tracks which can be used for performance & rehearsal


He's Just Your Dad
Welcome to the City

The other Songs are ...

  • Have You Seen? - The Children
  • Not A Penny To My Name - Sirus
  • Must Not Love - The three daughters
  • Slaving Away - The Slavers
  • Sharing Is Better - Saint Nicholas
  • Presents Down The Chimney - Sirus and his daughters
  • Thank You - Saint Nic, Vicki & Sarah
  • One Man - The Sailor & All
  • Has Anyone Seen Santa? - David, Father Christmas, Kris Kringle , etc
  • Merry Christmas Everyone - All

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