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3 Male, 2 Female

Stephen Gregg Price: $4.50

Renata and Maria have questions about their future - who doesn’t?

But when Renata convinces Maria to hold a séance, the girls get more than they bargained for ...

They conjure up a mysterious figure who answers their questions but also tells them how he knows the answers - they’re fictional

Renata and Maria are, in fact, characters in a play called S.P.A.R., a play written by the mysterious man

He proves he’s their maker by predicting the future, twisting reality, and finally showing them the audience

Renata’s not happy about being in S.P.A.R. and the play becomes a contest of wills between author and character

But it’s not a fair fight - after all, he has the script. And when Renata tries to enlist the audience’s help, the author proves that the audience is fictional as well!

Unit set - runs about 45 min

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