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6 Male, 1 Female

Cynthia Mercati Prigge Price: $9.99

ACTION!!!! Two commandos rush in and let rip at a few thousand off-stage enemies

It’s just a commercial-in-progress for Wembly Perfumes’ new product, but the taping is anything but smooth

On stage, Rocky Schwartzenburger may be the epitome of macho, but off-stage, he’s wailing about hangnails and hollering for his lip gloss and blow dryer

While television star Don Druthers, famed anchorman and exclusive spokesman for Bow Wow Biscuits, is intent on getting an interview with the young and fabulously wealthy owner of Wembly Perfumes

And then Big Bad Mama and her girls burst in, bent on kidnapping Rocky for unspeakable purposes

It’s Albert Nerval, Wembly Perfumes’ befuddled and bespectacled chemist who accidentally saves the day — and on live TV!

Easy set pieces create just the right atmosphere of danger and intrigue — and keep this high-flying farce flying

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