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Ruined - 2009 Pulitzer Prize Winner

Lynn Nottage Price: $14.95

Winner of the 2009 Pulitzer Prize

A rain forest bar and brothel in the brutally war-torn Congo is the setting for Lynn Nottage's extraordinary play

The establishment's shrewd matriarch, Mama Nadi, keeps peace between customers from both sides of the civil war, as government soldiers and rebel forces alike choose from her inventory of women, many already "ruined" by rape and torture when they were pressed into prostitution

Inspired by interviews she conducted in Africa with Congo refugees, Nottage has crafted an engrossing and uncommonly human story with humor and song served alongside its postcolonial and feminist politics in the rich theatrical tradition of Bertolt Brecht's Mother Courage


"A powerhouse drama ... Lynn Nottage's beautiful, hideous and unpretentiously important play [is] a shattering, intimate journey into faraway news reports" ~ Linda Winer, Newsday

"An intense and gripping new drama ... the kind of new play we desperately need: well-informed and unafraid of the world's brutalities. Nottage is one of our finest playwrights, a smart, empathetic and daring storyteller who tells a story an audience won't expect" ~ David Cote, Time Out New York

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