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2 Male, 4 Female

Billy St John Price: $9.99

If you need a special comedy, Rubies just might be the treasure you’re looking for

This is a pair of one-act plays that examine the relations between four Southern women at two different times in their lives

The first play, Little Gems, is set in a high school gym in 1960, where four girls named Ruby are decorating for their senior prom

Ruby Lee, lifelong victim of Ruby Joan’s barbs and taunts, breaks down and nearly runs away with a lecherous reporter until Ruby Joan’s boyfriend Halbert steps in and brings her to her senses

The second play, Heirlooms, is set in 1990, where the four Rubys are once again decorating the gym — this time for their thirty year reunion

Ruby Lee is successful in her career and marriage — to Halbert! — while Ruby Joan, frustrated and despairing, resorts to cosmetic surgery to save her third marriage

The two women resolve their conflicts and work out a plan to get Ruby Joan’s life in order

Reminiscent of Steel Magnolias and Vanities, Rubies is ideal for both schools and community theatres, and each play may be produced independently

For all groups

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