Mary Orr

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Two middle-aged women, Muriel and Doris, meet by chance on a bench in New York's Central Park. They begin a conversation mostly because Doris, an executive on her lunch hour, is intrigued by the small poodle carried by Muriel - which turns out to be a stuffed toy, rather than a real animal

Doris, who has just been jilted by her boyfriend, allows that she is looking for a new apartment, and Muriel, admitting that her "dog" is an attempt to relieve the loneliness which she has felt since her husband divorced her, tells her new "friend" about the sexy business associate (a Goldie Hawn "look-alike") who stole away her husband's affections

She also offers Doris a share in her own very commodious apartment but Doris, fearing that they might have little in common, declines the invitation. But then, as further confidences are exchanged, it develops, to their mutual surprise, that Doris' ex-boyfriend and Muriel's ex-husband are one and the same man, and that the rather shy, dumpy Doris is the vaunted "sex goddess" for whom he left his wife!

Realizing that they are both equal victims of the same lying, scheming two-timer creates an instant bond between the two women, so Doris, after second thought, decides to accept Muriel's offer after all - and, as the play ends, off they go as roommates-to-be!

Produced Off-Off-Broadway, in New York City, this very amusing, and often touching, short play details the chance meeting of two middle-aged women who, to their mutual surprise, find that they have much more in common than either could have imagined

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