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Roald Dahl -The Three Little Pigs - A Tail-Twistingly Treacherous Musical - Script & CD-ROM

Paul Patterson & Ana Sanderson & Matthew White… Price: $45.00

Piggy No.3 is in a tight corner - Wolf has gobbled up his neighbours and now he's hammering at the door with a stick of dynamite in his hand

Who can Piggy call on for help?

Sweet Miss Riding Hood, of course - the fearless wolf-slayer

And how is he to know that she fancies a pigskin handbag to go with her wolfskin coat!

Produced in association with the Roald Dahl Foundation, this complete Performance pack includes the Script and features full Rehearsal and Performance Backing Tracks on CD

'It is very difficult to pinpoint an aspect of performance which these musical packages do not address (These are) completely foolproof musicals, which could be used and adapted by the most inexperienced of directors undoubtedly an inspired resource'~ The Music Teacher

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