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Roald Dahl - Goldilocks and the Three Bears - An Impeccably Judged Musical - Performance Pack

Helen MacGregor & Stephen Chadwick from Roald Dahl Price: $45.00

On trial for her crimes, Goldilocks looks like the sweet little innocent who'd give us her last sweetie

Could she really be the brazen crook who stole the porridge from under the snouts of the self-respecting, harmless Bears?

The Jury will decide (but who will have the last laugh?)

Let the trial commence!

Produced in association with the Roald Dahl Foundation, this complete Performance pack includes the Script and features full Rehearsal and Performance Backing Tracks on CD

'It is very difficult to pinpoint an aspect of performance which these musical packages do not address (These are) completely foolproof musicals, which could be used and adapted by the most inexperienced of directors undoubtedly an inspired resource'~ The Music Teacher

This Performance Pack includes includes Script & CD-ROM

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