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Reviving Ophelia

3 Male, 7 Female

Cherie Bennett from Dr Mary Pipher Price: $9.99

A gripping story of four teenage girls battling the corrosive influence of popular culture and searching for the personal North Star that will guide them home

Jill is a Native American girl adopted by white parents. Her drinking, truancy, and bad attitude are corrected in a very unexpected way

Allie, a pastor's daughter, faces a crisis of faith at a mother-daughter bookclub meeting when her friend Lia loses her own mother to cancer

One remarkable scene between Lia and her boyfriend, Alex, harkens back to Hamlet's famous "Get thee to a nunnery!", with Alex betraying a scary part of his personality that he keeps hidden

Beautiful Dawn approaches high-school graduation with the realization that she's not prepared for anything but attracting guys - her solution is to attempt 18 Jello shots to celebrate her 18th birthday

Again, help comes from unexpected quarters

Playwright Cherie Bennett, specifically chosen by Dr. Pipher to adapt her work, deftly leavens the drama with great humor, tracing the intertwining lives of these four girls from first grade through middle school, and then through high school to graduation and young adulthood

Flexible set - runs about 70 minutes

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