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+ Reunion & Dark Pony & The Sanctity of Marriage

1 Male, 1 Female

David Mamet Price: $7.50

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A Collection of three short two-handers exploring the dislocation of male/female relationships ...

Reunion - M1,F1

In this haunting piece a father and daughter meet after a 25-year separation. The father, a drifter and reformed alcoholic, tremulously attempts to establish a relationship


"A touching, terrible confrontation" ~ New York Post

"Mamet, in a near-Pinteresque mood, lightly, gradually and surely touching our emotions and then leaving us with an aftertaste of solitude" ~ New York Daily News

Dark Pony - M1,F1

On a night auto ride a father tells his young daughter her favorite bedtime story to pass the time


"Mamet's writing is terse but sensitive -- everyday language distilled into homely poetry" ~ The New York Times

The Sanctity of Marriage - M1,F1

This brief sketch describes a marriage on the rocks

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