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6 Male, 1 Female

Nicholas Wright from Pat Barker Price: $12.99

Adapted from Pat Barker's Booker Prize-nominated novel

This powerful anthem for the youth of World War One offers a compassionate look at war and its devastating effects

It's set in Craiglockhart War Hospital, Scotland 1917

Poet and soldier Siegfried Sassoon has been institutionalised in an attempt to undermine his public disapproval of the war

His Army Psychiatrist, Dr William Rivers, has been tasked with returning shell-shocked officers to the trenches

But under Sassoon’s influence, William becomes tormented by the morality of what is being done in the name of medicine

A compellingly compassionate look at a nihilistic war and the devastating effect it had on a generation of young men


" ... a superb stage version of a work of genius" ~ Independent

" ... shocking, tender and grimly funny ... gently breaks your heart" ~ The Times

" ... deeply moving ... a humane and enriching play" ~ Guardian

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