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David Mamet Price: $7.50

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David Mamet turns his spotlight on America's most controversial topic ...

Two lawyers find themselves defending a wealthy white executive charged with raping a black woman

A new legal assistant gets involved in the case, and opinions that boiled beneath now explode to the surface as dangerous truths are revealed and no punches are spared


"Scapel-edged intelligence!" ~ New York Times

"Provocative and profane!" ~ NY-1

"Mamet is most concerned with the power and treachery of language - a line of dialogue vital to the prosecution case is cynically rewritten by the defense. Mamet's larger contention is that attempts to create a more equal and tolerant society have made race an unsayable word ... brilliantly contrives here a moment in which the single most taboo sexual expletive is ignored by an audience which then gasps at the word "black" ... Mamet remains American theatre's most urgent five-letter word " ~ The Guardian

"There is intrigue within intrigue ... Mamet adroitly mixes comic darts with tragic arrows" ~ Bloomberg News

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