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Puppet Plays for the Holidays

Shelly Varney-Bock Price: $16.95

Celebrate all of your favorite holidays with these magical stories, told through enchanting puppet plays

Each will entertain both children and adults as they interact with the puppets, sing, and laugh out loud

Meet Rudolph, the No-Nose Reindeer - how will he lead Santa's sleigh without his famous nose that lights up the sky?

Encounter a lamb delivering eggs while posing as the Easter Bunny, a very sweet witch who doesn't want to scare anyone on Halloween, a Komodo dragon who receives Valentine cards from a secret admirer, Harriet the Hedgehog who doesn't want to stand in for the missing groundhog on Groundhog Day, a scarecrow who tries to save a desperate turkey from becoming dinner on Thanksgiving Day, and goofy animals performing silly acts in a talent contest at the Fourth of July festivities

Included is a bonus puppet play for any day of the year - a lost, confused lamb in the Australian outback goes on a walkabout to search for his mum, with help from a nurturing kangaroo and a wily dingo

These puppet plays are lots of fun for all ages!

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