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Psychopathia Sexualis

2 Male, 3 Female

John Patrick Shanley Price: $9.99

Arthur, an obscure young painter struggling in the art world of Manhattan, announces to his self-satisfied friend, Howard, that he is engaged to be married. To whom? asks Howard. The answer is to Lucille, a powerful, attractive, no-nonsense Texas socialite, a kind of wealthy Annie Oakley. But, Arthur confides to Howard, there are three problems: 1. Arthur is a fetishist and Lucille doesnít know. He cannot make love without being in proximity to his fatherís argyle socks. 2. Arthurís psychiatrist, Dr. Block, unable to cure Arthur of his fetish, has stolen said socks. 3. Arthurís wedding night is fast approaching and he needs his socks back. " ... a smart new comedy about men and their befuddlements and a shrink who may just be the personification of evil...The play's first half is perfectly poised between daffy comedy and believable human neurosis which Shanley combines so well that although you never know what wacky thing is coming next, you believe it when it comes" - LA Times

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