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David Haig

Published by Nick Hern Books

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An intense real-life thriller centred around the most important weather forecast in the history of warfare

It's June, 1944

One man's decision is about to change the course of history

Everything is in place for the biggest invasion ever known in Europe D-Day

One last crucial question remains ...

Will the weather be right on the day?

Problematically there are two opposing forecasts

American celebrity weatherman Colonel Krick predicts sunshine

And Scot Dr James Stagg, Chief Meteorological Officer for the Allied Forces, forecasts a storm

As the world watches and waits, General Eisenhower, Allied Supreme Commander, must decide which of these bitter antagonists to trust

The decision will not only seal the fates of thousands of men, but could win or lose the entire war.

An extraordinary and little-known true story, David Haig's play thrillingly explores the responsibilities of leadership, the challenges of prophecy and the personal toll of taking a stand


"Gripping ... the pressure just keeps on rising" ~ Financial Times

"Tempestuous and highly charged ... a thunderous piece of theatre" ~ The Stage

"A tense, tight and quite brilliant drama more moving than a dozen Saving Private Ryans" ~ British Theatre Guide

'Haig has researched his subject matter in great detail, but more importantly the play grabs the attention from the outset and never loosens its dramatic grip. It captures the extraordinary pressure its characters are under at this crucial turning point in the Second World War, with wit, compassion and sheer dramatic verve. by turns funny, tense and deeply affecting. I cannot recommend it too highly' ~ Telegraph

"Sharp, witty and affecting events flow across the stage like sunlight and shadow on a changeable summer's afternoon fast and hectic, tense and fraught, calm, thoughtful" ~ Guardian

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