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Prepare To Meet Thy Tomb - A Comedy-Thriller

4 Male, 6 Female

Norman Robbins Price: $12.99

Prepare To Meet Thy Tomb follows Tomb With A View and Tiptoe Through the Tombstones to complete the trilogy of plays about the family that plays together and slays together - the murderous Tombs!

As night falls and fog descends on Monument House Hotel and Alternative Health Spa, Hecuba Tomb and her niece Drusilla receive a series of unexpected visitors

Novelist Philippa and her assistant Daphne are seeking refuge from a mysterious follower they fear may be the notorious "Norfolk Strangler"

Hot on their heels come TV historian Quentin Danesworth and vacuous honeymooners Robert and Miranda

The uninvited guests are soon snooping around the secret passages of the creepy old mansion and asking too many questions for comfort

Sure enough, one by one they fall victim to violent deaths by devious techniques no secret panel is unoccupied, no cup of tea untouched, and nobody is who they appear to be

This irresistible combination of spoof and baffling murder mystery, over-the-top characters and shocking plot twists is sure to thrill and delight in equal measure

The Cast offers particularly strong female roles ...

  • Drusilla Tomb, 19
  • Hecuba Tomb: her aunt, 60s
  • Sir Beverley Comstock, 60s
  • Phillipa Collins, 40s
  • Daphne Summers, late 50s
  • Anthony Strickland, late 20s
  • Quentin Danesworth, effeminate; late 60s
  • Robert Sandbrooke, late 30s
  • Miranda Torrence, his wife; early 40s
  • Cicely Venner, late 30s

    Single set - A reception room in an hotel

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