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Poet’s Wake - Monologues for the Dead

Large Mixed Cast

Edward Crosby Wells Price: $9.95

We are at the wake of a Poet Laureate ...

Mourners come and go, delivering monologues

We learn, through the mourners, about the life of the poet and about the mourners themselves

Some define us by the people in our lives

The life of the celebrity after death is too often defined by those who are left behind

Some have axes to grind. Some speak out of ignorance

Although each may believe they are telling the truth, it is the teller's truth; truth is subjective

The artist's work is too often overshadowed by the tales and the writings of the survivors

In the end we must discover, uncover or simply choose and decide the truth ourselves -- the truth of others and the truth of oneself is, perhaps, merely a matter of perception

Poet's Wake might even show us a bit of truth about ourselves

Full length, approx. 90 minutes, 33 characters, 14M, 11F, 8 Either - with doubling, can be performed with as few as 6 actors

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