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Plays from VAULT 2 Festival 2017 - Five New Plays

Various Price: $19.95

This great-value Anthology comprises five of the best plays from VAULT 2017, London’s biggest and most exciting arts festival

The five plays are ...

Testament ~ Tristan Bernays

This tells the dark underside of the Greatest Story Ever Told

It presents four overlooked Bible characters – a ragtag group of women, children, outcasts and thieves – and relocates them in modern-day America

Here these lesser-known voices are given the chance to tell their side of the story

Save + Quit ~ Sophia Leuner

Winner of the London Student Drama Festival 2015

Fearless and full of feeling, Save + Quit shares the stories of how four young people attempt to live their lives in London and Dublin

"Beautifully observed … perfectly pitched" ~ Scotsman

Wretch ~ Rebecca Walker

Ex-teacher Irena and ex-junkie Amy meet on a night bus during long, dark nights of homelessness

A year later, Irena has rebuilt her life

But just as she thinks she's safe, Amy crashes head-first back into it

With even bigger dreams and hopes of a second chance

This Must Be the Place ~ Brad Birch & Kenneth Emson

This beguiling play comprises of two short ballads about migration, missed connections

And life on the edge of respectability

Maisie Says She Loves Me ~ Jimmy Osborne

Maisie loves Sheldon

But Sheldon's not so sure

He suffers from indigestion

But maybe it's not indigestion

Maybe it's love?

A one-man play about love, inheritance and not letting your feelings show

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