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Play Yourself

1 Male, 3 Female

Harry Kondoleon Price: $9.99

Jean, an ex-movie star who left Hollywood some time ago, lives with Yvonne, her daughter. Their main activities together involve reenacting moments from Jean's old movies, in which she always seemed to play the “other woman”

After placing an ad seeking more information about Jean, Selma is invited into their lives. Selma is obsessed with Jean — not with the real one, but with the one on screen — to the point that she hopes to learn how to become Jean

When not submerged in Jean's past, Selma works with Brother Harmon, also a fan of Jean, running a shelter for "the hopeless." While Jean seeks hope and faith, and Selma seeks Jean, and Harmon seeks love, Yvonne simply wants to be left alone

By the end of the play, Selma takes over Yvonne's responsibilities as caregiver for Jean; and Harmon, with his sincerity, sweeps Yvonne off her feet

"… piquant and elegantly phrased stretches of dialogue, and plenty of explosive laughs … [a] mixture of madcap comedy and stylized musings on faith and love and hope." —Variety

"What matters — a lot — is the inexplicable believability of the offbeat characters and the caustic dialogue, the cool breeziness that covers, though never obscures, the author's clear-eyed, generous sensibilities" ~ NY Newsday

"… funny, wise and wry …" ~ NY Post

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