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Pirandello - Collected Plays - Volume 2 - Six Characters in Search of an Author & All For the Best & Clothe the Naked & Limes from Sicily

Luigi Pirandello Price: $18.95

This is the second volume of a collected edition of the plays of Pirandello - one of the major playwrights of the early 20th century

"Six Characters in Search of an Author" is Pirandello's best known play. The reality of the theatre and the unreality of life cross over as the dramatist steps in and out of the framework of stage convention. This play may well be the first example of 'anti-theatre'

In "All for the Best" the principle character discovers that his daughter is illigitimate and that he is the only one not to have known. The results of the discovery are highly dramatic

"Clothe the Naked" is another study of the nature of reality and unreality in the loneliness of the principle character and the fictitious existence she creates for herself

"Limes from Sicily" is Pirandello's first produced play - movingly capturing the nostalgia of Sicilians in exile

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