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Howard Brenton Price: $12.99

This controversial new play is Brenton's first for ten years ...

It asserts the most famous conversion in history - when Saul became Paul on the road to Damascus - was a trick

It was actually Jesus appearing to him - Jesus did not die on the cross but was rescued and sheltered by his brother James, by Peter and by Peter's wife, Mary Magdalene

But they prefer to keep Paul in the dark because, although he is mistakenly preaching that Christ rose again, at least it keeps him busy and gets the Christian message out there

Now imprisoned by Nero, Peter finally tells Paul the truth before they go to their deaths as the first Christian Martyrs ...

'Powerful and thrilling ... The beauty, compassion and sense of mystery in Paul's words sends shivers down the spine' ~ Daily Telegraph

'An exciting play that explores big issues' ~ Guardian

Premiere at the UK's National Theatre and nominated for the 2006 Olivier Best Play Award

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