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3 Male, 3 Female

Peter Nichols Price: $9.99

The story concerns adultery in all its permutations and masterfully reveals the sad and devastating effects it has on an otherwise solid relationship. As James and Eleanor pass through the various stages of infidelity they are each played by two actors; one reveals the private side of the character and the other the public face

"Nichols is one of the great theatrical magicians . . . But much more . . . he is a poet" ~ N.Y. Post

"Brings husband and wife's inner voices to life.... Nichols' clever use of onstage alter egos puts a fresh spin on the story.... This is an intelligent work that's as harsh as it is humorous" ~ N.Y. Daily News

"The gripping, recognizable world in this play is a barren contemporary landscape where husbands and wives can divorce easily, but where passion and suffering form an unholy union that no one can tear asunder. It's the most savage view of marriage yet from the author" ~ N.Y. Times

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