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Our Class

Tadeusz Slobodzianek adapt/trans Ryan Craig Price: $14.95

A group of schoolchildren, Jewish and Catholic, declare their ambitions - one to be a fireman, one a film star, one a pilot, another a doctor

They are learning the ABC and this is Poland, 1925

As the children grow up, their country is torn apart by invading armies, first Soviet and then Nazi

Internal grievances deepen as fervent nationalism develops - friends betray each other and violence escalates

Until these ordinary people carry out an extraordinary and monstrous act that darkly resonates to this day

Polish playwright Tadeusz Slobodzianek confronts his country’s involvement in the atrocities of the last century and follows the one-time classmates - amidst the weddings, parades, births, deaths, emigrations and reconciliations - into the next

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