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Orwell in America

2 Male, 1 Female

Joe Sutton Price: $15.95

An intriguing and insightful play about the great George Orwell meeting his American audience and readers — a trip which never in fact occurred

It's set a few years after World War II and the author of the now acclaimed Animal Farm is being chaperoned during this imaginary book tour by a very fetching young woman

Her job is to dissuade Orwell from telling Americans why he is a proud socialist

M2,F1 + 1 Male Extra


“ ... an intriguing scenario” ~ Ken Jaworowski, The New York Times

“Brilliant … Orwell’s discomfort, loneliness, humor and passion are all developed before us in language that is very much the author’s. It is lively as well as precise” ~ Susan Hall, Berkshire Fine Arts

“The premise of a young person accompanying an author of great esteem on a heart-of-America book tour recalls the recent David Foster Wallace movie The End of the Tour, and there is indeed something action-oriented about this production, which skips energetically among hotels and cities and speaking arenas. ‘Time and place are dealt with rather cinematically,’ Sutton said of the play, in an interview … Take the trip with him” ~ The Village Voice

“Mr Sutton has obviously researched Orwell and his times and has skillfully woven all of the pertinent facts into his well-crafted dialogue ... [a] very enjoyable biographical fantasia” ~

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