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3 Male, 2 Female

Michael Walling Price: $14.95

"For me, it all started with the Yakshagana class. Male and female ways of moving in traditional folk theatre. It was just after that Amrit disappeared. Just vanished, without saying anything to anybody. Not even a goodbye for me. Well - I carried on with the course as best I could, but it was hopeless really. For almost two years it went on. Until I couldn't bear it any more. And I just dropped everything, and got on a plane to Bangalore."

Linda travels to India in search of Amrit

She has a series of encounters, some funny, some disturbing; with Amrit's parents, a prostitute called Priti, and the English talent scout Julian.

Finally, on the train to Chennai, she sees Amrit - except that Amrit has now become Asha ...

Developed through workshops in Bangalore, and with Asian community groups in London, Border Crossings' new theatre-piece is a wild gender-bending blend of dance, film, theatre, opera and traditional Yakshagana

Orientations was first staged by Border Crossings at Watermans in 2003

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