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Operation Recovery - An Interactive Scavenger Hunt

Susan Haley Price: $24.99

This is a 'find items' scavenger hunt as well as a covert operative type adventure, complete with undercover agent(s), retrieval objectives and secret codes. Outdoor, walking or driving hunt


AGE RANGE : Kids (age 8 and up) to adults

LENGTH OF HUNT : 2 - 4 hours, depending on the size of your group - 15 minutes for opening instructions and team organization; 1 3/4 hours for the hunt and up to 2 hours for the (optional) team presentations, awards and grading

HOW IT WORKS : Your group will be divided into teams of up to 10 people. Each team will receive a collection bag, a collections list (each item is given a point value depending on the degree of difficulty in obtaining said item) and Part One of the covert mission called Mission - Cloak and Dagger. The teams will then embark on the adventure hunt

During the hunt, they’ll need to meet with undercover operative(s) to receive additional Cloak and Dagger objectives


Will have had the most fun as a team
Will have collected the most points

NOTE: You need only buy ONE Copy - your Package will be sent via email in both .PDF & Word.doc format so that you can print as many copies as you need

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