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Operation Our Town - a Do-it-Yourself OUTDOOR Scavenger Hunt

Susan Haley Price: $24.99


LENGTH OF HUNT: 2 - 4 hours, depending on the size of your group: 15 minutes for opening instructions and team organization; 1 ¾ hours for the hunt and up to 2 hours for the (optional) team presentations, awards and grading

HOW IT WORKS: Your group will be divided into teams of up to 10 people. Each team will receive a clue collection bag containing a Polaroid instant camera, film, hunt instructions, their challenge sheet and various supplies. The teams will then embark on the adventure hunt, taking pictures, obtaining specific items and completing various projects. To customize the hunt, you can easily add additional items, pictures and projects to the list. At the conclusion of the hunt, the teams will present a creative and inspiring debriefing of their team effort (or you can "grade" their clue sheets to find the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners)

EXAMPLES: Challenges are broken down into 3 categories: pictures, projects and a Survivor style quiz designed for team members to get to know each other better. Here are some sample tasks:

Take a picture of your most dramatic team member with someone famous
Collect the most unusual item you can find
Write a poem about teamwork on the back of a postcard
Pretend you’re all stranded on a deserted island. What strengths would you each bring?


The challenge sheet (including an additional list of items to add or substitute) and hunt instructions
Facilitator checklist (for observations and team grading)
Facilitator notes
Team name badges
Award certificates
Supply list
Photo album pages
Final presentation voting cards

You will need to provide clue collection bags, cameras, film and other items like pens and clipboards

NOTE: You need only buy ONE Copy

The complete Package will be available immediately via email Download link and you can Print as many copies as you need

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