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+ One Bad Apple

3 Male, 4 Female

Raphe Beck & Christopher La Puma & Deborah Wicks… Price: $7.50

++ 25% DISCOUNT ++

"In the beginning, God created man ... which was Her first mistake"

Thus begins this musical comedy that turns the Book of Genesis into the first battle of the sexes

In a very corporate world of Creation, two competitive angels pit Adam and Eve against each other to see which prototype will be the more successful model for the human race

When their experiment takes on a life of its own, God kicks the humans out of Eden and considers scrapping the whole thing and starting over

So unless Adam and Eve can prove their worth before the end of the sixth day, they are doomed

And yes, there's a nervous snake, a resentful devil, and a juicy red piece of fruit

Single set, runs about 90 mins

M3,F4 + 3 either gender


"The play's tale of creation is spun with joy and attitude. One Bad Apple is a polished, detailed and intelligent treat" ~ The Northwest Current

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