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Oh Fudge!

3 Male, 4 Female

Monk Ferris Price: $9.99

While taping a commercial in the Amazon jungle for a sneaker manufacturer, Danni Dawn is enveloped in a swarm of strange insects and finds she must eat chocolate fudge to stay alive and to keep her weight down!

Sent to The Fairfax Clinic for Digestive Psychoses by her adoring physician, Danni meets a fudge adoring actress there to shed pounds for an upcoming movie. This star does everything in her power to catch Danni's neat o disease

Unsuspected side effects soon affect everybody on the premises: autocratic Augusta Fairfax, a hapless nurse, the gargantuan clinic attendant, and the movie star's eager beaver manager

In this rollicking farce for the entire family, the plot is deranged, the dialogue insane, and the pace breath taking

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