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Off-Off Broadway Festival Plays - 36th Series

4 Male, 5 Female

Various Authors Price: $9.99

One of Manhattanís most established play festivals, the Samuel French Off Off Broadway Short Play Festival fosters the work of emerging writers

From the initial pool of over 850 submissions, the Final Forty plays were chosen to be performed over a period of one week

Out of these plays, six winners were chosen ...

Bedfellows by Adam Peltzman - M2

A short comedy that peeks in on an awkward moment in U.S. history - a night in 1776 when John Adams and Benjamin Franklin were forced to share a bed in a crowded inn. Adams, cranky and battling a cold, must contend with the free-spirited and ever-knowledgeable Franklin, who can't seem to stop inventing things. From debating the cause of the common cold to enforcing the rules of sharing a tiny bed, Adams tries to endure the challenges of snuggling up with the world's most accomplished man

The Truth About Christmas by Daniel Pearle - F5

At a private girls' school on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, one student's behavior leads to a series of escalating acts of violence. In the aftermath of the scandal, three mothers and a guidance counselor try to come to terms with their confusion and anger, struggling to understand what went wrong and who can be held responsible

Hanksylvania by Travis Helwig - M4

The story of a professional football coach and the halftime speech that changed his life

Mountain Song by Josh Beerman - F3

Trisha returns to a childhood home in the mountains of Appalachia, for her fatherís funeral, only to discover her hard motherís buried family secrets. Spending a day locked in a game cat and mouse with her mother, for the soul of her younger sister, she must either destroy the matriarch, or allow a ghost to destroy them all

Pluck & Tenacity by Daniella Shoshan - M2

One member of an aspiring rap duo decides to go rogue in order to write love songs, thereby jeopardizing a lifelong friendship and since-snack-time collaboration

My Name is Yin by Tom Swift M4,F2 + M1 or F1

Hikers find 140 shoes filled with butter on a Swedish mountain - absurdity ensues

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