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O’Bannion’s Gold

Large Mixed Cast

Jean Goodman Price: $7.99

In mystic old Ireland mortals live alongside magic: cursing witches, fallen angels, ‘human’ worms, a dreaded Great Banshee and a leprechaun kingdom guarding its precious pot of gold!

Two children of very poor families eventually kidnap the leprechaun King for ransom

Do they return home safely, get the gold or what?

In a charming original family friendly play -- destined to be an old Irish or St. Patrick’s Day evergreen production — two young people encounter mysterious creatures and battle dangers unknown in modern times to learn invaluable lessons

There is magic, suspense, bravery, fighting, singing, dancing, a hint of romance and much laughter!

O’Bannion’s Gold has enjoyed several successful performances and now awaits your own magical touch in a new production!


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