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Nursing Holmes

1 Male, 1 Female

Cenarth Fox Price: $7.99

A comedy about Mrs Hudson and her famous tenant ...

Sherlock Holmes is about to retire

On his final night in Baker Street, Mrs Hudson reveals that The Strand Magazine has paid her to write about the great detective


The landlady has kept a diary of all the detective's mistakes and bad habits

Can Holmes rescue his reputation?


"With Nursing Holmes, Cenarth Fox completes his trilogy of plays about the great detective. About to leave Baker Street for the last time, Sherlock Holmes is astounded to learn that Mrs Hudson has been commissioned by The Strand Magazine to write her memoirs – The Landlady of Sherlock Holmes

As she says, “The world knows of your cases but nothing of your private life”

But even her promise not to divulge any of his really unpleasant habits does not reconcile him to the idea. Nor does her intention of correcting the many mistakes made by Holmes and Watson

The ensuing conversation moves from the farcical to the profound, as each comes to understand and appreciate the other and there’s a final astonishing and very funny twist" ~ The Sherlock Holmes Society of London

"Nursing Holmes was absolutely stunning. The audience just loved it" ~ Brian Amos


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